Connecting livelihoods, degraded forest lands, water conservation, seedballs


Connect the keywords: livelihoods, rejuvenating degraded forest lands, water conservation, seedballs.

  1. find a few people (or train them) with intense knowledge of native trees hills in their region
  2. find people with knowledge of water conservation techniques
  3. connect livehoods with seed collection from these trees
  4. create nurseries for seedballs and for saplings of difficult slow growing trees like Silver Oak (baanj)
  5. work with grassroots non-profits and self-help groups to facilitate fund raising for such projects

Regions of interest

  1. Delhi-Haryana ridge
  2. Dharamshala; Khanyara; Palampur
  3. Solan
  4. Almora


  1. through voluntary donations
  2. fund raising through corporates

Ideal Situation

Ideal situation is to make this a self-sustaining and for-profit venture on the lines of


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