Did You Know, The Capsule That You Eat Is Made Up Of Slaughtered Cows/Pigs And Other Animals?

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Yes, the capsules that you take as medication/supplement are made by skins and bones of mass slaughtered animals like cows/pigs/sheep etc.

Surprised? Well, don’t be. This is a not so known dark reality and a lot of people who are strict vegetarians are against any kind of animal cruelty contribute to it almost everyday.

How these capsules are made?

The capsules that are used in pharmaceutical, health and wellness industry for encapsulating different type of medicines, drugs, supplements etc are made up of a jelly like substance, called GELATIN.

Some people consume GELATIN in other forms directly/indirectly for weight loss, bone diseases and other medical condition being completely unaware of the fact that they are consuming skin and bones of slaughtered animals.

Gelatin is also used in sweets and other food items. A lot of candies, jellies, gummy candies are made by prolonger boiling of bones, cartilages of slaughtered animals. It is also used in a lot of cosmetics that we use everyday.

What the hell is GELATIN?

Gelatin is a protein that is produced after partial hydrolysis of collagen. Collagen is obtained from different body parts of mass slaughtered animals like cows, ox, sheep, pigs, etc. The skin, bones, ligaments, cartilages and bones of these mass slaughtered animals are used to make the Gelatin, which in turn is used to make the capsules that almost all of us use every now and then in our daily lives but never knew.

If most of us had any idea then probably we won’t take them and look for alternatives which are more animal and nature friendly.

In the upcoming blogs we would bring to you more on this topic like alternatives of Gelatin, government’s policy to tackle this and what can you do to refrain from these capsules without hurting your needs and well being.


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