My Own Rulebook of Holistic Fitness

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In my previous blog, I had discussed how logical pursuit of happiness is fitness and it is extremely personal. One has to make their fitness regime according to their desires, resources and responsibilities. Some misunderstand fitness here to be physical fitness. When I say fitness, I mean, holistic fitness (Physical, mental and spiritual ).

In this blog, I would discuss what I do keep myself holistically fit and strive towards being fitter every moment. The rules that I follow, the diet that I follow to keep myself in good shape physically, mentally, and spiritually.

All though there is no real segregation. What I do for physical fitness, improves my mental and spiritual fitness too. But it’s like strengthening Maths would improve your Physics too but if you really want to improve your Physics then you have to understand its concept well before applying Mathematics to it. Hence, I make direct efforts at my physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Let’s start with physical fitness.

Physical Fitness

I am very fond of travel. And I travel extensively over the weekends. And hence, my week is physically very demanding. Because over the weekdays I work and almost all the weekends I travel to distant locations with Bae. And these travels are really hectic trust me. And hence, it is very important for me to keep myself physically fit so that I meet the requirements of my personal, and professional life. The key to it is a very strict discipline that I follow.

Following are the rules that I follow with almost 95% of the times (A little bit of flexibility as per need is essential too):

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