Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. No matter what our GDP is, at what rate it is growing, we all need nutritious food to eat. It’s the primary sector for employment and is plagued with various problems.

  1. Unnatural practices degrading soil fertility, soil structure, and overall farm ecosystem.
  • Rampant use of fertilisers, pesticides, and other chemicals
  • Use of genetically modified seeds
  • Continuous tilling, which damages soil structures and kills microorganisms needed for crop growth
  • Forced cultivation in adverse weather and climate condition
  • Unnatural practices also hurt the water table around the farm
  1. Supply chain issues, the farmers are not able to fetch the best prices for their produce.
  2. Lack of knowledge for best practices in sustainable farming that are aligned with nature.
  3. Lack of traceability and authenticity checking mechanisms to test the credibility of the product by the end consumer.
  4. Overpricing of a lot of cash crops due to very high margins

There are thousands of such problems that are facing agriculture sector. Companies and ideas that are targeting any such problems with a sustainable business model might be of our interest.

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