Tracking Honey Leveraging Blockchain

Tracking Honey at Different Nodes of Supply Chain, What it means? And Why are we doing it?

Honey, due to its medicinal properties is really popular among masses for wound healing, weight loss, different skin problems, hangover relief etc. It is also looked at as a healthier alternative to sugar.

But the irony is that the honey that you buy to improve your health might actually end up causing you more damage than good. Adulteration of honey at different points of the supply chain has become common.

Even the honey by reputed brands has been found to be contaminated with antibiotics and other contaminants.

This makes it important for the end user to know, the source, type, and testing the honey has gone through at different steps in the supply chain.

There are various types of honey, depending on the flowers, bees, location etc. Some particular type of honey fetches higher prices in the market.

So, in case you’re paying five times the price for organic, raw, monofloral honey then you should know if it is actually worth the price.

To achieve this, we have funded a project with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

In this project, we are working in collaboration with Prof Kavya Doshara, from the Centre for Rural Development and Technology (CRDT), IIT Delhi.

The agenda of the project is to study the supply chain of Honey and device a method to track its movement at every stage using blockchain and provide that information to the seller and end customer.