Mock Meat

As the name suggests it is something that mocks meat. Get it?

They are also known as vegan meat, faux meat, imitation meat etc.

Let’s simplify it for you.

“Mock meats are vegetarian alternatives of meat in terms of taste, texture and nourishment. “

They are derived from plants like jackfruit, mushroom, soya etc and are completely natural. They imitate meat and help people in making a transition for the non-vegetarian diet to a vegetarian diet, which is healthier and more compassionate.

What are we doing on MOCK MEATS?

Four Pursuits has funded a project at the Indian Insitute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

We are working in collaboration with Dr Kavya Dashora, from Centre for Rural Development of Technology (CRDT), IIT Delhi, on this subject.

Together we are working towards procuring, studying plant sources from different parts of India for the raw material.

“These plant sources are being studied as an alternative raw material in mock meat preparation. “

Our aim to create a cost-effective vegetarian alternative of different kind of meats available in the market, and closely resemble them in taste, texture and aesthetics.

These vegan meats would be a healthier and more compassionate alternative to the animal meat that most people are eating without knowing its origin, shelf life and side effects.

We would keep sharing the update on progress and different recipes that we are trying with vegan meat created in the lab of IIT, Delhi.