What does Four Pursuits mean? 

Four Pursuits comes from four pursuits suggested in hinduism namely:

Righteousness (Dharma), Wealth (Artha), Desire (kāma) and the Final Liberation (Moksha).

This venture is a platform to pursue, righteousness (through social impact innovation), in consequence build wealth via making sustainable business models from these innovations. 

This will empower us more people to pursue the remaining two (Desire and Liberation) as a consequence. 

What is Four Pursuits Ventures?

Four Pursuits Ventures is an incubator for people and ideas that have the potential and passion to bring the social transformation towards a more just, equitable, hospitable and spiritual world.

Vision (What?)

A more equitable and spiritual world created by bringing equal opportunities of growth to people who contribute in businesses through their labour and loyalty.

Mission (How?)

  • To incubate businesses that impact the lives of people at the “base of the pyramid”
  • To incubate businesses driven by people at the “base of the pyramid”
  • To incubate businesses that follow the credo of Green/Sustainability/Natural”
  • To incubate businesses run by the principles of “employee-ownership” and “workplace democracy”


Mission Statement

“What comes from the people must go back to the people many-many times over.”

Late JRD Tata




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