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Vegan Meat

Mock meats are vegetarian alternatives of meat in terms of taste, texture and nourishment. They are derived from plants like jackfruit, mushroom, soya etc and are completely natural. They imitate meat and help people in making a transition for the non-vegetarian diet to a vegetarian diet, which is healthier and Read More

Honey, due to its medicinal properties is really popular among masses for wound healing, weight loss, different skin problems, hangover relief etc. It is also looked at as a healthier alternative to sugar. But the irony is that the honey that you buy to Read More

Four Pursuits Venture has invested in a model food forest project in drought hit Vidarbha region of Maharashtra in a village called Payali Bhatali close to Chandpura, Maharashtra to fight multiple issues namely Water table issues, biodiversity Read More


Honey: The Elixir of life

Few interesting facts Honey is the only insect produced food consumed by humans. Beekeeping, or apiculture, has been practised by humans since 700 B.C. World’s oldest edible honey, approximately 3000 years old, was found during pyramid excavation in Egypt.  A honeybee visits 50–100 flowers on a single trip out of the hive. A single honeybee …

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5 Most Common Adulterated Foods in India

What is food adulteration? Motivated by economic profitability or malicious intent, adding or mixing substandard or harmful substances to food items that may have adverse effect on health is known as food adulteration. Most common of adulterated foods in India include: Milk – India is world’s largest producer and consumer of milk and related products. …

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Food Traceability: An Introduction

Food traceability stands at the cusp of many a contemporary buzz word. It also somehow seems to figure in the lexicon of generally opposing forces: ethics and business, profits and environmental sustainability, disruptive technology and sustaining innovation. Let us glance through the what, why, and how of it, prior to arriving at the way it …

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‘Plantmade’ at The Future of Protein Summit, 2019

Plantmade was selected among the few alternate protein companies in India to present their, product, mission and business plan in front of various who’s and who from the

What Do We Mean By “Fitness”?

We all have different definitions of Fitness and wellness. In this blog, I share my insights, experiences and journey of holistic fitness while acknowledging that I have a much longer way to go and that you might not even be

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